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New Treatments!


Introducing Destination Treatments - each one is a unique experience designed to transport you to a different destination.  You bring home a little something to remind you of your special time!

First in the series is:  Caribbean Coconut Lime Delight.  Think cruise ship deck or the beach! 


Coconut Lime Delight Treatment



  • Coconut fractionated oil:  noted for its hydrating properties.  Infused with lime essential oil for the treatment. 
  • Steamed coconut compresses:  shredded coconut is packed into muslin fabric to form a ball.  The balls are steamed before they are used in this treatment.  The heat releases the aroma of the coconut, and allows the hydrating ingredients to be transferred onto the skin.  The compresses are pressed firmly onto the skin. 
  • Lime essential oil:  uplifting to the mind.  Cleansing.  

You take home: 

  • One coconut ball - you can reuse it several times and keep this spa experience going!
  • The Bosch + Lomb TheraPearl eye mask used in your treatment.  This eye mask can be used warm or cold, is effective in relieving allergy symptoms, and in helping puffy eyes. 

Caution:  As all citrus oils, lime is photosensitive.  PLEASE do not expose your skin to the sun after this treatment, as this can result in hyper pigmentation (dark spots). 

This treatment is meant to be relaxing and uplifting, it is not a deep tissue massage. 




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